LINE notification for when there is an error in the shipping address

What should you do when the shipment is halted due to an inaccurate delivery address, despite the preparation for shipment being completed in the past?

While one method is to contact the customer via phone, there may be situations where the phone number is not registered or it is difficult for the store to call the customer at that moment.

In such urgent situations where you need to contact the customer promptly, using LINE can be very convenient due to its immediacy and reachability.

If you are connected via LINE, the customer information and LINE ID can be matched, allowing you to contact the customer immediately via LINE even if their full name and LINE name are different at the time of purchase.

In this case, the customer responded immediately via LINE, and the issue was resolved without any problems, allowing for the shipment to be completed.


*This app is compatible with other LINE tools, such as L Step, and can be used for cross-border sites targeting Japan, including those from Taiwan and NY.